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Our Promise

We work hard until each project is done, and done to perfection.


Our History

Robert Burdett and Rodney Vaughn each worked their way up from laborer to apprentice, then journeymen to foremen. The two became owners when they joined forces to form Mid-Ark Roofing in 1995.

“We both came up into the business swinging a hammer,” says Burdett.

With their combined 80+ years’ worth of experience in residential and commercial work, Vaughn and Burdett earned the trust of manufacturers, schools, hospitals, and industrial facilities. Their combined knowledge of roofing gives them the expertise to offer the 20-year warranties that homeowners, architects, general contractors, engineers, facility managers, and business owners deserve.

Whether having commercial work done by Mid-Ark Roofing or residential work done by Central Arkansas Roofing, we guarantee you’ll receive the best dollar-for-dollar value on jobs ranging from simple repairs to major replacements.

Beyond providing the best products available, Mid-Ark Roofing strives for excellence in every area of business.

“We’ve kept the same employees and partners for years, and there’s a reason for that,” says Burdett.

Don Lowry
Vice President and Partner
Mid Ark Roofing is the commercial division of Mid Ark Roofing

Building On What Matters

“Quality is very very important to us. And if a customer picks us over somebody else, we, of course, want them to get the best value, but they also need to know they’re going to get the very best outcome,” says Don Lowry, Mid-Arks newest partner and the VP of the company. “The best finished product possible. Period. That’s what we stand for.”

Lowry now leads the Mid-Ark Roofing + Central Arkansas Roofing team with a sense of dedication that comes from years of experience. After coming onboard in 2017, Lowry dedicated himself to furthering the outstanding reputation our company already had in place.

“Workmanship is more important to me than profits. If you have the reputation that your workmanship is second-to-nobodies, the profits take care of themselves.”

To Lowry, leading a successful operation comes down to one overarching rule; it’s all about treating people right.

“If you’re taking care of you people, they’re going to give you their best, and if they give you their best work, that translates directly to our customers getting the best work possible,” says Lowry.


Don Lowry

Vice President and Partner of Mid-Ark Roofing

Brian Abney

Commercial Sales

Zak Lowry

Commercial Estimator

Jim Reed

Residential Estimator

Troy Vaughn

Residential Estimator